• Hannah G. -provisional psychologist

    "James provide an excellent remedial massage, really targeting all of your problem areas. He also provides informative aftercare advice".

  • Phoenix L.- remedial massage therapist

    "Such expert knowledge on anatomy, great techniques; a REAL GOOD remedial therapist ,because he improved my health."

  • Tatiana L. -provisional psychologist

    "Fantastic, professional service. James helped me through a pinched nerve when I was hardly able to walk. I would highly recommend him for both relaxation and sports massage."

  • Kim T.N. -retiree

    "I've suffered from arthritis in my joints and back problems for a long time ,which led to other chronic conditions. And heavy medication for those symptoms wore down my stomach lining,liver and kidneys and other organs- I was feeling really tired, frail and lifeless, but since being treated by James on a program, I started to get better and slowly with the doctors approval the prescribed medication were either reduced in dosage or no longer prescribed all together. These days I can walk pain free and the people around me says that I just look happier. "