• Hannah G. - Provisional Psychologist

    "James provides an excellent remedial massage, really targeting all of your problem areas. He also provides informative aftercare advice".

  • Phoenix L. - Remedial Massage Therapist

    "Such expert knowledge on anatomy, great techniques, a REAL GOOD remedial massage therapist because he improved my health."

  • Tatiana L. - Provisional Psyschologist

    "Fantastic professional service. James helped me through a pinched nerve when I was hardly able to walk. I would highly recommend him for both relaxation and sports massage."

  • Kim T.N. - Retiree

    "I've suffered from arthritis in my joints and back problems for a long time, which led to other chronic conditions. And heavy medication for those symptoms wore down my stomach lining, liver and kidneys and other organs. I was feeling really tired, frail and lifeless. But since being treated by James on a program, I started to get better and slowly with the doctors approval the prescribed medication were either reduced in dosage or no longer prescribed all together. These days I can walk pain free and the people around me says that I just look happier."

  • Linda Wilson

    "For all my Brisbane family and friends, I cannot recommend James at Enlighten Massage more highly. If like me you suffer from a sore neck, shoulders & upper back from working hunched over a computer all day and sore, tight hips from sitting too much James will have you feeling like a new person in no time. Wish he was in Cairns to keep me moving all year round but I just have to book in when I'm here."

  • Kathy Stafford

    "Highly recommend. I had my first visit with James today and by far the best in Brisbane! Thank you so much, I will most certainly be back."

  • Mich Elle

    "Just had another amazing massage by James. Excellent quality every time. He works out my tense muscles without pain. Look no further for your next massage!"

  • Timothy T. -musician/guitar tutor

    My right knee was swelling up from a bursitis but was misdiagnosed for gout and discharged from hospital with no pain relief and that was when I started to lose my faith in the public health sector. I was referred to Bryna by a good friend for pranic healing. However, at this point I was still sceptical about alternative methods. After the first session, the swelling and redness in my knee had dissipated and the pain reduced to almost non existent and my scepticism(skepticism) was gone with it . I have since been seeing Bryna monthly for pranic healing for the many various applications of pranic healing such as a recurring cellulitis which has gone completely, depression, and anxiety and even a face lift- the results are amazing. I believe this is what Bryna was put on EARTH to do.

  • Ben Rayner-grandfather

    I’ve got terrible knees and what feels like shin splints, arthritis in both hands and fractures in my spine-so I was always in constant pain. I could fill a whole page with my health disorders thanks to old age(grandfather). After the first sessions with Bryna, the pain in my knee has reduced dramatically and walking up and down the stairs aren’t such a challenge, I felt such ease, and relaxed and a sense of peace and tranquillity after the session and every session after. I’ve been coming to see Bryna many years now.