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    Treatments to Relax the Mind, Body & Soul
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    Deep Tissue Massage

    A Massage that Reaches the Deeper Layers of Muscles
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    Relaxation Massage

    A Masssage To Completely Relax Your Mind, Body and Soul
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    Couples Massage

    Pamper A Loved One With A Couples Massge
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    Remedial Massage


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About Enlighten Massage

A place where you can nourish your soul.

Here at Enlightened Massage we care about your health concerns and take the time to listen, this way we can work in tandem with your body’s needs. Putting the right pressures in just the right places in order to speak to your body’s soul.

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Our Specialties:

Frozen shoulders

Hip imbalance

Knots from working out at gyms or just posture at work

Stiff/wry neck from sitting at computers all day or other reasons

Arthritis in arms and hands

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is Homeostatis and How Do I Achieve It?

    Homeostasis is the ability or tendency to maintain internal stability in an organism to compensate for environmental changes. In other words, it is when a tight muscle or ligament is relaxed enough to the point that it is no longer in a tense state. In order for Homeostasis to be achieved different techniques need to be employed in order to reach the deeper layer of tissues that may be the cause of muscular issues. Deep tissues are the muscles and ligaments that are deep below the surface muscle layers. During stressful times exhausted cells put strain on muscles causing a tightness that can lead to other health disorders like insomnia and fatigue.

  • What Is the Best Treatment For Me?

    The best form of treatment is the right treatment. There can be a wide variety of suitable treatments depending on the nature and underlying cause of the problem. A very popular form of treatment is Remedial Massage. It involves investigating the cause of the problem prior to undergoing any treatments to ensure that the right path is taken for recovery. This is where the experience and knowledge of a massage therapist comes into play and can be the difference between a full and complete recovery, or an unsuccessful treatment plan.

  • Why James is The Best

    James give a very thorough and comprehensive assessment and treatment plan. At the end of your appointment he will provide you with any follow-up treatment plans and after service advice. This advice is important as it helps you to maintain your progress and improve your health no matter what stage of your life. This ensures that you always progress forward instead of slipping back into poor health choices. This way your goal of achieving better health can be delivered in a realistic but timely manner, therefore minimizing the number of treatments where possible while also saving time and money.

  • The Safe Spa Treatment

    We use only safe products in our spa treatments as to cater for all skin types and more importantly those with sensitive skin. Besides treating immediate health concerns we also offer indulgent pamper packs to help you become your most relaxed and revived self. These also make a great gift for a loved one so you and that person can be put totally at ease while enjoying a beautiful experience. Pamper packs are excellent for swinging the pendulum of health beyond homeostasis and into a more positive zone.

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